Sun Or Shade?

We often get asked about the best location for a clothesline – Sun or Shade? It inspired us to do a bit of research, so here’s what we’ve found out.

Hanging out your washing in the sun will enable it to dry faster and will apparently also assist in sanitizing your clothes. However, leaving your clothes in the sun for too long or in the same position regularly will cause your clothes to fade. So you could hang all your clothes inside out, but we don’t all have the time or inclination to spend any longer doing the washing than we need to.

Does that mean you hang your clothes in the shade although they will take longer to dry?

Well actually what you may not realise, as we didn’t, is that the main factor in getting your clothes dry is actually the wind! The wind also gets rid of some of the creases for you – so can act as an iron too.

So as long as you can expose your clothes to the wind it won’t make too much difference if your clothesline is in the sun or the shade. But remember if you hang your clothes out in summer sun then make sure to hang your clothes inside out or take your clothes down as soon as they are dry to avoid fading.

Hope that helps any of you pondering the best location for your clothesline.  Happy washing!

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