All our clotheslines are supplied with 2x T Bars with galvanised and stainless steel hardware and wire for a 7m max span clothesline (between T Poles)

The 'Swift 4' is a straight forward solution with 4 lines and T Bars that are 800mm wide. Suitable for smaller families.

The 'Swift6R' Clothesline has 6 lines at 1200mm wide, and includes a set of our In-Concrete Sleeves for easy install and take down. This will hold lots of washing at once with up to 42 meters of line hanging space!

So if you'd like to have your clothesline powder coated, installed onto an existing concrete area, or want to choose a specific configuration to suit your needs, the SwiftDry Custom is the place to go.

Purchase once, for a lifetime of hassle free, clothes drying awesomeness!

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