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Kiwi's providing for Kiwi's. It's a Win - Win

Our Story

Swiftform Products has been providing it's #1 product,
'The SwiftDry Clothesline' to New Zealanders since 2012.

With countless successful trades Swiftform Product's reputation for excellence has rapidly grown. Success to the point of incorporation on 1st June 2016. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and fast professional service, every time. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed through every trade.

It is no wonder then that the SwiftDry Clothesline NZ is a great success, its our customers' comments that motivates us to continually improve our product and service to be what it is today. They tell us we are a class above the rest...

Swiftform Products believes in making a difference, believing in value for money, innovation, family, style, and quality right down the line. We pursue these values with an unrelenting passion and enrich them with an unbeatable customer experience.

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Our Product

You can be assured that your SwiftDry Clothesline will stand the test of time and become your reliable companion every day.

Here at Swiftform Products we ensure that our SwiftDry Clothesline models are designed with safety, durability and common sense in mind and we have no doubt that our clotheslines are an investment for life. Our commitment to quality is our driver, and we think you deserve this quality.

In addition, the Swiftdry Clothesline is not lacking in features. Complemented with our Remove-it system, user friendly height and line adjustment, and easy set up and take apart design, you won't be let down.

Here at Swiftform Products, we are super passionate about our products; and it stems purely from a solid flow of positive customer feedback. If they say it, we believe you will too!

We have great range of options for your choice, and we are willing to build custom set-ups to suit your situation.

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