Build a Clothesline

Oct 18, 2017

                  Would you like to know how to build a clothesline yourself? Swiftform Products has the answer with their DIY SwiftDry clothesline system! You can build a clothesline (your very own) in under four minutes! Sounds good to me as I am no handyman or handywoman! SwiftDry […]

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How To Get Makeup Stains off Your Towels

Sep 25, 2017

Did you know hotel and motel owners have a very hard time getting makeup stains off towels?   However, at home we do too, and sometimes despite careful washing I wind up with makeup stains on my towels. Usually, it’s mascara or eyeliner residue since I wear the waterproof stuff. Sometimes it’s lipstick or good […]

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Clotheslines NZ

How to hang clothes on the clothesline the right way!

Aug 28, 2017

  There is an art and a right way to hang clothes on the clothesline and in this month’s blog the team at Swiftform Products Ltd offer you some handy tips. Let’s start with jeans and pants… Jeans & Pants Hang jeans or pants by the legs. Then the water will wick down to the […]

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Line Drying

Your Line Drying Problems Solved

Jul 24, 2017

We all know the benefits of line drying our clothes, some of which are: it is better for your clothes with the sun on them, you save money on your electricity bill by not using a clothes dryer, and it is healthier for us to dry them outside instead of inside which can lead to […]

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Hills Clotheslines NZ

Clotheslines NZ – SwiftDry Clotheslines NZ for Kiwis

Jun 26, 2017

  The SwiftDry Clothesline is the most solid and strong clothesline currently available to New Zealanders. Swiftform Products manufacture the SwiftDry Clothesline and it is made and supplied just out of Christchurch. Made from robust materials and engineered for easy use and installation, the SwiftDry Clothesline is fast becoming a house-hold name in New Zealand, those […]

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Sun Or Shade?

May 25, 2017

We often get asked about the best location for a clothesline – Sun or Shade? It inspired us to do a bit of research, so here’s what we’ve found out. Hanging out your washing in the sun will enable it to dry faster and will apparently also assist in sanitizing your clothes. However, leaving your […]

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SwiftDry Clotheslines – The ‘Chic’ Clothesline Choice

Mar 14, 2017

A SwiftDry Clothesline will make your backyard look oh so ‘Chic’ compared to the clotheslines we grew up with.  Not so long ago, the average New Zealander lived on a suburban quarter-ace block with a decent size backyard, complete with a freshly mown lawn, a pretty garden, and that old Hills Hoist clothesline set smack bang in he […]

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The humble backyard Clothesline

Mar 1, 2017

Hanging clothes on a clothesline is more than pinning garments on a line. It tells you something about your neighbours, and it tells them something about you. Through my early childhood, the washer was a necessity and the dryer was a luxury — nearly every family had a clothesline. I still remember ours. The line […]

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Apple Cider Vinegar

SwiftDry Tip 1: How to get soft clothes, we have the answer!

Feb 15, 2017

Apple Cider Vinegar is your answer to truly soft and wrinkle free clothes!  Ah ha! At last, the old school secret to keeping your clothes soft and snugly without toxic chemicals. It’s time to say goodbye to those expensive detergents that do more harm than good. Simply adding one cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to your […]

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washing line

A washing line that lasts the distance

Feb 1, 2017

Finally a washing line that lasts the distance and doesn’t fall apart after a year of use. It shouldn’t be hard to find a washing line that lasts in the New Zealand climate but in fact it is as I have tried many over the years. The good news is that I have found one that is […]

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